New type cholesterol-reducing dietary supplement research.


April year 2011 Latvian University Institute of Cardiology in collaboration with the Latvian pharmaceutical company "Silvanols" Ltd. started to realize the project " New type cholesterol-reducing dietary supplement research."




Project: A new type of cholesterol-reducing dietary supplement research.
Contract Nr.2010/0323/2DP/
Project completion date: January 1, 2011 - 31 December 2011
The total project funding: 245 697, - EUR
Project Scientific Director: Andrejs Ērglis,

Project researcher: Aldis Rosenbergs, e-mail:

Project partner: SIA "Silvanols"

Objective: To study and submit a new patent acquisition for natural composition food supplement which reduce cholesterol.

The project results into a new kind of supplement, which will be composed of three compounds, chosen from the two tested mixtures (Omega 3, Kvercetine and Picnogenol; Omega 3, Kvercetine and Resveratrol). It is designed to treat petients with elevated cholesterol levels.

Project's activities:

To assess the impact of the newly established food supplements on blood cholesterol levels, it is necessary to conduct a study, which assess the effects of dietary supplement and to compare it with existing treatment for patients with elevated cholesterol levels. 

The study is planned to carry out the following activities:

  • Preparation of procurement and purchasing of raw materials;
  • Sealing and packing;
  • The study questionnaire design;
  • Product effectiveness study;
  • Patent application preparation and submission;


Implementation of the project


Economic activities related project " New type cholesterol-reducing dietary supplement research" delayed  and started in mid-April when cooperative agreement was signed between the Latvian University and Co-operation Partner Ltd." Silvanols ".

1st phase of the project has been the preparation and procurement of raw materials purchasing. For those activities carried out under the responsibility of partner "Silvanols" Ltd. Raw material procurement specification was prepared and carried out the supplier for a price quotation. At the result of price inquiry was chosen supplier - UAB "FD Group" from Lithuania.

Latvian University researchers is currently preparing a specification for blood analysis, which are necessary to carry out research of effectiveness of newly developed products.