We invite you to vote for „Silvanols” as the trademark of the year in the world and „FaringoSpray” as the trademark of the year in Latvia


„Silvanols” has been nominated in the category "Trademark of the year in the world" and „FaringoSpray” is a serious contender for the category "Trademark of the year in Latvia" in the contest "Trademark of the year " by the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia.

You can vote on the web page of the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia choosing the graphical trademark of „Silvanols” here - http://www.lrpv.gov.lv/lv/balsojums/gada-precu-zime-pasaulei-1 . You can also vote for „FaringoSpray” here – http://www.lrpv.gov.lv/lv/balsojums/gada-precu-zime-latvijai-1

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We believe – nature heals!


„Silvanols” has begun the shift to the new product packaging design and is offering two new food supplements for the health of heart and the nervous system


As of today the product portfolio of Silvanols” is complemented with two new food supplements – tablets for the health of the nervous system Neoneiro and tablets for the health of the heart Kardiovital Forte”. Both products have a new, patented package design that is easier to use.

Vitamin B complexes are commonly used for aching and overworked backs and joints, but the „Neoneiro” tablets stand out from the rest with the added herbal extracts – turmeric, boswellia, pine bark, feverfew, Melissa, and ginger. „Neoneiro” has a wide range of effects – it relieves pain and inflammation, improves the blood circulation in the aching areas as well as calms the nervous system. „Neoneiro” is a modern solution for healthy back and joints nerves.

The other new product is the „Kardiovital Forte” tablets. They were created by combining the daily dose of the capsules „Kardiovital” (that have been in production since 2008.) into one tablet, thus making it easier to use. Kardiovital forte enhances the oxygen supply to the heart, calms the heart and helps to balance the vital signs. „Kardiovital” contains nettle, heart motherwort, hawthorn, and b-group vitamins. It is advisable for people who fell exhausted and lacking heart strength and energy after the long winter.

Starting with the introduction of „Neoneiro” and „Kardiovital Forte”, „Silvanols” is beginning a gradual shift to a new, patented product packaging design. It will ease the life of the consumer since the dominating color of the packaging will indicate the intended use of the product e.g. red for the heart, purple for the nervous system etc. The packaging of all the products will adhere to this unified style to clearly indicate the affiliation to the brand of „Silvanols”.




We are proud about the achievment of the product Astmosil in the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia organized competition "Export and Innovation Prize 2014".

The food supplement Astmosil for lung and airways health was awarded third place in the nomination for Most Innovative Product.

We congratulate all other laureats as well, especially our colleagues from Olainfarm.


Silvanols becames the laureat of Baltic Inovation Prize 2014


On the 23th of October 2014 in a ceremony in Tallin "Silvanols" was acknowledged as one of three laureats of the Baltic Innovation Prize 2014.

The competition Baltic Innovation Prize 2014 evaluated companies that in the previous three years have introduced in the market innovative and effective products, services or business models.


Silvanols attracts the attention at


The delegation of Latvian green pharmacy company Silvanols represented the company in the leading exhibition of the pharmacy industry "CPhI Worldwide" in Paris on 7th to 9th October. This exhibition was used as a platform to present the renewed graphic identity of Silvanols.

The medical devices, gels and balsams (including alcohol-free balsams for children) of Silvanols won the most interest from visitors. The Silvanols booth was visited by more than 330 representatives from 30 countries which is almost twice the amount of the last exhibition in Frankfurt. The company delegation met with existing and potential partners from the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, France, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Poland and Chech Republic. The booth also had visitors from Australia, Philipines, Kuwait, Morocco, Egypt, China, Vietnam and several South American countries.

Silvanols offered the exhibition visitors a chance to become familiar with more than 40 of the medical devices, drugs and food supplements developed and manufactured by the company as well as the contractmanufacture service offers. Silvanols was represented in a joint booth with the majority shareholder AS Olainfarm. The participation was also partially financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The successful participation this year was marked by a signed partnership contract during the exhibition with a major Georgian wholesaler and pharmacy chain owner about specific products of Silvanols and their distribution in Georgia.

"CPhI Worldwide" is the leading pharmacy exibition in the world that took place for the 25th year. This time it gathered more than 30000 visitors from more than 140 countries.


Silvanols renews its graphical identity


To facilitate the growth of the company and the perception of the brand of „Silvanols” in both existing and potential markets, a new graphical identity of Silvanols has been developed.

After twenty years with the simbol of the mighty oak we have replaced it with the Tree of Life of Latvian mythos in combination with the symbols of a leaf and a droplet which represent green pharmacy and reflect the values of the Company – traditions, nature, quality of life, joy and vitality.

The transfer to the new graphical identity will take place gradually. The first products bearing the new logo will arrive in the markets of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Azerbaijan in October. It is planned to complete the transfer to the new brand in all the markets that Silvanols operates in until the end of next year.


Collaboration with partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia


Recently the export delegation of SILVANOLS visited Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia in order to discuss further collaboration with partners in these countries.

As a result of the discussions, in the near future an increase of the available product portfolio of SILVANOLS is expected both in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia.


SILVANOLS is taking a part in exhibition


Visit company's stand No. 4018 at the exhibition "Natural and Organic Products Europe"!

Latvian green pharmaceutical company "SILVANOLS" is going to participate in the exhibition "Natural and Organic Products Europe" in 13th and 14th of April in London.

Natural & Organic Products Europe has, for 18 years, been the ‘must attend’ event for buyers of everything from natural healthcare products, natural & organic foods, natural personal care and eco household products.





As of today, "Olainfam" owns 70.88 percent of "Silvanols" shares. Before that, "Olainfarm" had a 47.51 percent stake in "Silvanols".

Viesturs Gurtlavs has become a Chairman of the Board of SIA "SILVANOLS" and after the transaction by Members of the Board "SILVANOLS" Ieva Leimane, Uģis Klētnieks and Gints Plismanis board Member of Olainfarm Mr. Salvis Lapins has also become a Member of Silvanols’ Board.