„Silvanols” has begun the shift to the new product packaging design and is offering two new food supplements for the health of heart and the nervous system


As of today the product portfolio of Silvanols” is complemented with two new food supplements – tablets for the health of the nervous system Neoneiro and tablets for the health of the heart Kardiovital Forte”. Both products have a new, patented package design that is easier to use.

Vitamin B complexes are commonly used for aching and overworked backs and joints, but the „Neoneiro” tablets stand out from the rest with the added herbal extracts – turmeric, boswellia, pine bark, feverfew, Melissa, and ginger. „Neoneiro” has a wide range of effects – it relieves pain and inflammation, improves the blood circulation in the aching areas as well as calms the nervous system. „Neoneiro” is a modern solution for healthy back and joints nerves.

The other new product is the „Kardiovital Forte” tablets. They were created by combining the daily dose of the capsules „Kardiovital” (that have been in production since 2008.) into one tablet, thus making it easier to use. Kardiovital forte enhances the oxygen supply to the heart, calms the heart and helps to balance the vital signs. „Kardiovital” contains nettle, heart motherwort, hawthorn, and b-group vitamins. It is advisable for people who fell exhausted and lacking heart strength and energy after the long winter.

Starting with the introduction of „Neoneiro” and „Kardiovital Forte”, „Silvanols” is beginning a gradual shift to a new, patented product packaging design. It will ease the life of the consumer since the dominating color of the packaging will indicate the intended use of the product e.g. red for the heart, purple for the nervous system etc. The packaging of all the products will adhere to this unified style to clearly indicate the affiliation to the brand of „Silvanols”.