Silvanols has started the export to Greece


Silvanols in coorporation with greek partners "Neocell" has started the export of five original products to Greece this June.  Greek  consumers will now have access to medical device "Dezinox"  for fungal prophylaxis of feet, "Gastromix" balsam for improvement of digestive health, "SilvaDeprex" for nervous system envigoration, "Silverex" for men’s health and "Relusten" tablets for healthy sleep in cases of stress. All these products have a new design of a uniform style that clealy confirms their adhering to the Silvanols brand.

Silvanols began the talks about the possible cooperation with Greek partners in the fall of 2014 in the world’s leading pharmaceutical industry exhibition CphI Worldwide 2014 in Paris. It was folllowed by the partners’ visit to Silvanols’ manufacturing facility. The quality systems and manufacturing processes were evaluated and several additional products were selected for distribution in Greece – medical devices Rinogel Spray for stuffy noses and Laringospray for sore throats. Their deliveries are planned in fall this year.

Silvanols turnover in the first five montjs of 2015 is 1,6 million euros, which is 28% higher than in 2014, when it was just 1,2 million euros. Export composes 43% or 0,69 million euros. Biggest export markets of Silvanols are Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania and Austria.