Silvanols is offering a new product – cooling gel for legs health with natural herbs Venolux


Continuing to provide care for leg health Silvanols is offering a new product – locally cooling gel with natural herbs Venolux that provides immediate relief with prolonged effect for tired legs.

Venolux contains horse chestnut, arnica, ginko biloba and sea buckthorn shoot extracts. These medicinal herbs positively affect bloodvessels and protect skin cells  from free radicals.

The immediate cooling and refreshing effect is ensured by methol crystals, while the fresh and natural aroma is achieved by using a patented biologically active compound concentrate Silbiols that is derived from pine extracts.

Venolux gel does not contain preservatives, parabens, dyes or fragnances. Continued freshness of Venolux gel is maintained thanks to the airtight easy to use packaging with a dispenser that denies the gel any contact with air.Use venolux gel to remove leg tiredness in cases of prolonged standing, sitting as well as incresased leg stress. Take it on travels so the heat, long walks, rides and flights only give you pleasant emotions and the trip gives you a truly relaxing experience.