Silvanols organised a free summer camp for ten latvian families


In the spirit of caring about the education of the society as well as inspiring to a healthy and green lifestyle, this summer Silvanols organised a free summer camp for ten families in a beautiful guest house in a rural area of Sigulda. The mornings of the camp were started off with yoga lessons in fresh air, while during the day the participants had the chance to find out more about such topics as the use of honey in beauty and wellbeing, the important aspects of healthcare for children, the achieving and retaining of the harmony of physical and emotional health, the correct ways of gathering, storing and use of natural medicinal herbs, as well as the basics of a well balanced nutrition. All the classes were run by known lectors, field proffesionals and instructors.

While the adults were busy in various seminars and lessons, the kids could have fun in a playground, participate in painting lessons and different fun games.

The representatives of Silvanols also introduced the participants with the company and the natural products produced by Silvanols.

Keeping in pace with the philosophy of Silvanols, more such events wil be organised on a regular basis.


Silvanols belives that nature helas!