Silvanols realization in 9 months rises by 22%


Silvanols realization in comparison with the first nine months of 2014 has risen by 22$, reaching 2,9 million euros. The greates increase of realization of 63% was reached in June.

The greatest sales in the first nine months of 2015. were seen in Latvia, Poland, Georgia, Romania, Lithuania and Estonia. The greatest rises in realization was observed in Poland – a rise by 124%, Estonia – 13% and Lativa – 9%. The total export has increased by 101%. Important deliveries to Austria and Greece were made in June and July. The increase in export was mostly driven by flu, feet care, women health and digestion product lines.

The products of Silvanols are currently available in 15 European and Asian countries – Estonia, Lithuania, Chech Republic, Austria, Poland Bulgaria, Greece, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Kosovo, Belarus and Romania. There are also products in the registration stage in Ukraine and several Asian countries.