A complex for pulmonary health. Ivy leaves promote normal functioning of the bronchi and lungs. Pine bark extract relieves breathing. Boswellia resins help to maintain respiratory health. Also advisable for smokers.

Boswellia serrata RESIN – Respiratory. Supports the health of the lungs. Boswellia serrata (Common Name : Frankincense) – Respiratory. Supports the health of the lungs.

Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)- Respiratory. Facilitates breathing: beneficial and softening effect on the respiratory system. A positive effect on the neck and clogged airways, helps to release the nose and breathe more freely.


30/60 caps
Boswellia resin extract, Passion fruit extract, Eyebright herb extract, Pine bark extract, Ivy leaf extract, Quercetin, lycopene ≥5%,

One capsule once daily. May be administered to children from 12 years of age.