Silvanols is a Green pharma company producing natural food supplements, medical devices and OTC medicines for more than 20 years with the purpose of making healing powers of nature closer to people all over the World.

Our vision is to become the leading Green pharma company in Baltic States, a company that is recognized in Europe and whose products are represented in every continent.

Silvanols continuously develops innovative products in Latvia, which is considered to be one of the cleanest environments in the World. It is our privilege to use purely natural ingredients while retaining their valuable qualities. We use juices from wild berries, which are a secret of a pleasant taste and popularity of our balsams and syrups.


By combining knowledge about natural substances with modern technology, Silvanols has created a portfolio consisting of more than 30 original products for various indications.

Our products have different forms: tablets, capsules, sprays, liquid balsams and syrups, gels. Products of Silvanolsare natural, free of lactose, gluten or genetically modified organisms and are safe for children. Their quality, efficacy and safety for children is approved by “Latvian Association of Pediatiricians” which allows using a quality label „Recommended by Latvian Association of Pediatiricians” on selected products.


Silvanols is proud of its laboratory and production facilitiets that are certified with European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standart, as well as production and quality systems, that areassured by ISO 13 485 and ISO 22000 certificates.


Silvanolsis a part of Olainfarm Group, a larger group which includes the leading pharmaceutical producer in the Baltic states JSC “Olainfarm”, a pharmacy chain ‘’Latvijas Aptieka’’ and Silvanols as an expert in the field of phytopharmaceuticals.

Silvanols actively operates in the following organisations:

The new visual identity represents the shift of our attention to details to further perfect products and treasure of Silvanols each and every individual trust given us by partners and clients. The company Silvanols stays true to its very basic values of nature, purity, efficacy and safety as well as the quality of life, the pleasure of living and colorful optimism that permeate every aspect of the Company.
These core values allow Silvanols to be a domestic market leader in natural medicinal products while it also continues its expansion to make the products of Silvanols available wider abroad and prove to the World that nature heals!

Ценности Silvanols


The history of Silvanols is rooted in the combination of the inherited knowledge of the Balts, the Latvian pharmaceutical traditions and medicine. While many of the developed countries of the world are rediscovering the healing powers of the nature, in Latvia these are values handed down from generation to generation, that are never lost, and Silvanols is using that knowledge. The tradition of the Balts  - gathering of herbs and using them for treatment and prophylaxis during the long winter months is still widespread through Latvian people therefore we are proud that by manufacturing products that are inspired by nature and rich with traditions Silvanols brings to the world the name of a healing oil that was discovered in Latvia by scientist and chemist Alfreds Ošiņš in the 30s of the last century. The products of Silvanols are based on traditions that allow the consumer in midst of all the chemical preparation to choose products whose ingredients are acquired from pure and unblemished nature, and their great properties are acknowledged in many generations.

Quality of life/Pleasure of living

When chemical pollution of the nature is on the rise all over the world, the people appreciate natural preventive actions that increase the quality of life.
Silvanols feels the concern and responsibility for the quality of life of the people, so it manufactures products that it wants to promote and make accessible for everyone who is a supporter of a green and healthy lifestyle on simply wants to decrease the use of synthetic substances in healthcare.
People who use the products of Silvanols are offered the chance to reach a new level of quality of life that is based on joy and the effort to live with more responsibility for their own health and the health of their loved ones.


Working in a company with high moral standards, a mission to help better the quality of lives of other people, confidence in the superiority and uniqueness of the products give satisfaction to everyone in Silvanols.

Vitality is the key on the path to success and innovation, because the employees of the Company love and thrust what they do.
Vitality is in the logo, the products, the development and the spirit of the team of Silvanols which is valued by partners and consumers.
Green is not only a symbol of nature; it is also the color of optimism, in which the Company paints its every achievement.