New peppermint flavoured FaringoSpray is now available


Silvanols has expanded the line of its leading product Faringospray for sore throat treatment with a new peppermint flavoured spray. Until now both forms of faringospray – spray and tablets – were only available with sea buckthorn flavour. The new peppermint Faringospray is already available for purchase.


The peppermint essential oil that has been added to the new faringospray contains menthol and esters that have been traditionally  used in folk medicine  because of their antiseptic, analgesic and blood circualtion stimulating properties. Just as its sea buckthorn flavoured counterpart, ithe new faringospray contains natural oils, that form a protecting layer on the mucosa of the mouth and throat. It helps to keep it moist and elastic, lessens dicomfort and pain, and decreases the scratching as well as friction, thus making swallowing easier. Faringospray quickly and efficiently eliminates soreness of throat helping to ease breathing. It is also used for inhalations in cases of hard cough and bronchitis.

Faringospray has provent itself with patients since 2004. and is the leading treatment for sore throat in Latvia.