Silvanols has begun export to Ukraine


Silvanols has begun exporting four products to Ukraine. Ukrainians can now purchase “Larfasol“, "Proposil”, “Dezinox” and “Sinustrong spray”.

The work of registering Silvanols products in Ukraine was begun last year and was greatly facilitated by the fact that the Ukrainian partners have already been working with the major shareholder of Silvanols – AS Olainfarm. Four of the registered sixteen products are now available in Ukraine. Despite the fact that Ukraine is going thro...ugh very hard times, market research shows that Silvanols products with natural ingredients have a large potential and therefore it is planned to expand the available product range with food supplements for nervous system, heart, digestive tract as well as specifically designed products for children.
This year Silvaols has started exproting to Austria, Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine and has expanded exporting capacity to Estonia, Poland, Georgia and Romania.