The graphic trademark „Silvanols” deemed second best of Latvia in the contest


On april 23 a ceremony was held in which the graphic trademark „Silvanols” was awarded the second place in the category "Trademark of the year in the world 2014".

The contest held by the Patent Office and the Chamber of Commerce in honor of the world intellectual property day was held for the third time and this year more than a hundred Latvian companies participated.

The results were determined by a vote of the people of Latvia (50%) and a specially assembled committee from the Patent Office, the Chamber of Commerce, the Latvian Designers' Society and the Bank of Latvia (50%). The vote was held from march 16th to march 31st.

Thank you to all that have believed and continue to believe in the ideas of „Silvanols”. Natural, safe and effective products will continue to be produced under the green colors of Silvanols, that will help the name of Latvia be heard far and wide.