Silvanols has become the winner of “Health award 2015”


Silvanols has now added “health award 2015” to its ever growing collection of awards. This time it was for the development of green pharma in Latvia.

Health awards have now been awarded for several years by the Latvian Doctors Society for significant contributions to the health of Latvian people – for contributions to development of sports, for contributions to Latvian ecology and nature, for the production of healthy food, for significant contibutions to informing the society about health subjects.


Silvanols participated in the 3rd Baltic Pediatrician Congress


From 19th to 21st of August Silvanols participated in the 3rd Baltic Pediatrician Congress. During all three days our green stand provided information about the Silvanols products for child health and on 20th of August a symposium „Management of child with persistent respiratory sypmtoms: breaking the vicious circle” lead by Arunas Valiulis, the president of Lithuanian child pulmonologist association, was held for our registered attendants.

Nature heals!


Silvanols organised a free summer camp for ten latvian families


In the spirit of caring about the education of the society as well as inspiring to a healthy and green lifestyle, this summer Silvanols organised a free summer camp for ten families in a beautiful guest house in a rural area of Sigulda. The mornings of the camp were started off with yoga lessons in fresh air, while during the day the participants had the chance to find out more about such topics as the use of honey in beauty and wellbeing, the important aspects of healthcare for children, the achieving and retaining of the harmony of physical and emotional health, the correct ways of gathering, storing and use of natural medicinal herbs, as well as the basics of a well balanced nutrition. All the classes were run by known lectors, field proffesionals and instructors.

While the adults were busy in various seminars and lessons, the kids could have fun in a playground, participate in painting lessons and different fun games.

The representatives of Silvanols also introduced the participants with the company and the natural products produced by Silvanols.

Keeping in pace with the philosophy of Silvanols, more such events wil be organised on a regular basis.


Silvanols belives that nature helas!


Silvanols is offering a new product – cooling gel for legs health with natural herbs Venolux


Continuing to provide care for leg health Silvanols is offering a new product – locally cooling gel with natural herbs Venolux that provides immediate relief with prolonged effect for tired legs.

Venolux contains horse chestnut, arnica, ginko biloba and sea buckthorn shoot extracts. These medicinal herbs positively affect bloodvessels and protect skin cells  from free radicals.

The immediate cooling and refreshing effect is ensured by methol crystals, while the fresh and natural aroma is achieved by using a patented biologically active compound concentrate Silbiols that is derived from pine extracts.

Venolux gel does not contain preservatives, parabens, dyes or fragnances. Continued freshness of Venolux gel is maintained thanks to the airtight easy to use packaging with a dispenser that denies the gel any contact with air.Use venolux gel to remove leg tiredness in cases of prolonged standing, sitting as well as incresased leg stress. Take it on travels so the heat, long walks, rides and flights only give you pleasant emotions and the trip gives you a truly relaxing experience.


Silvanols has started the export to Greece


Silvanols in coorporation with greek partners "Neocell" has started the export of five original products to Greece this June.  Greek  consumers will now have access to medical device "Dezinox"  for fungal prophylaxis of feet, "Gastromix" balsam for improvement of digestive health, "SilvaDeprex" for nervous system envigoration, "Silverex" for men’s health and "Relusten" tablets for healthy sleep in cases of stress. All these products have a new design of a uniform style that clealy confirms their adhering to the Silvanols brand.

Silvanols began the talks about the possible cooperation with Greek partners in the fall of 2014 in the world’s leading pharmaceutical industry exhibition CphI Worldwide 2014 in Paris. It was folllowed by the partners’ visit to Silvanols’ manufacturing facility. The quality systems and manufacturing processes were evaluated and several additional products were selected for distribution in Greece – medical devices Rinogel Spray for stuffy noses and Laringospray for sore throats. Their deliveries are planned in fall this year.

Silvanols turnover in the first five montjs of 2015 is 1,6 million euros, which is 28% higher than in 2014, when it was just 1,2 million euros. Export composes 43% or 0,69 million euros. Biggest export markets of Silvanols are Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania and Austria.



"Silvanols" in cooperation with Japanese pharma company „Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited” representatives  in Austria „Takeda Pharma Ges.m.g.H.” has started export of leg vein product Venocaps to Austria. In the end of April „Takeda Pharma Ges.m.g.H.” have received 20000 packages of Venocaps and it is planned to send at least as much packages more.

"Cooperation with Takeda which is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies is a serious achievment of our specialists and opens new perspectives of meeting new potential partners. Austrian pharma market is characterized by its stability, high purchase power of the denizens as well as the high requiremets of quality, which our products can definetely satisfy. We will continue on working to increase the share of export markets in European countries." Says the "Silvanols" Chairman of the Board Arjoms Borcovs.

"Silvanols" earned the interest of Takeda in the „CPhI Worldwide 2013”. The first talks about the possible cooperation were followed by an audit by Takeda experts in the manufacturing facilies where the quality systems, the manufacturing process and the products' compliance with the highest quality requirements were evaluated. After the audit Takeda representatives decided to start cooperation with silvanols and add the natural product Venocaps to their extensive product portfolio.


The graphic trademark „Silvanols” deemed second best of Latvia in the contest


On april 23 a ceremony was held in which the graphic trademark „Silvanols” was awarded the second place in the category "Trademark of the year in the world 2014".

The contest held by the Patent Office and the Chamber of Commerce in honor of the world intellectual property day was held for the third time and this year more than a hundred Latvian companies participated.

The results were determined by a vote of the people of Latvia (50%) and a specially assembled committee from the Patent Office, the Chamber of Commerce, the Latvian Designers' Society and the Bank of Latvia (50%). The vote was held from march 16th to march 31st.

Thank you to all that have believed and continue to believe in the ideas of „Silvanols”. Natural, safe and effective products will continue to be produced under the green colors of Silvanols, that will help the name of Latvia be heard far and wide.


Latvian Association of Pediatiricians recomends products of SILVANOLS for children


After concluding the evaluation of the Silvanols’ product for treatment of sore throat "FaringoSpray" and the syrups for respiratory health "Sinustrong" and "Bronhosil", Latvian Association of Pediatricians has approved the quality, efficacy and safety for children of the products of "Silvanols", allowing to use the quality sign „Recommended by Latvian Association of Pediatiricians” in the materials of the mentioned products.

The products "Faringospray", "Bronhosil" and "Sinustrong" do not contain alcohol therefore they can be used for children.



Silvanols applied to the GatewayBaltic project with the aim of exploring the prospects of Silvanols’ products in two of the students’ represented countries – Sweden and Germany.

During the project three students from Italy, Germany and Sweden joined the Silvanols team and filled the roles of export managers as well as registration and margeting specialists for two weeks.

We were pleasantly surprised by the end result, beacause the initiative, knowledge, available contacts and the international experience of the students swiftly lead to firm confidence about the exportability  of Silvanols’ products. The acquired results will now serve as a very real stepping stone to initiating export to the aforementioned countries.


New peppermint flavoured FaringoSpray is now available


Silvanols has expanded the line of its leading product Faringospray for sore throat treatment with a new peppermint flavoured spray. Until now both forms of faringospray – spray and tablets – were only available with sea buckthorn flavour. The new peppermint Faringospray is already available for purchase.


The peppermint essential oil that has been added to the new faringospray contains menthol and esters that have been traditionally  used in folk medicine  because of their antiseptic, analgesic and blood circualtion stimulating properties. Just as its sea buckthorn flavoured counterpart, ithe new faringospray contains natural oils, that form a protecting layer on the mucosa of the mouth and throat. It helps to keep it moist and elastic, lessens dicomfort and pain, and decreases the scratching as well as friction, thus making swallowing easier. Faringospray quickly and efficiently eliminates soreness of throat helping to ease breathing. It is also used for inhalations in cases of hard cough and bronchitis.

Faringospray has provent itself with patients since 2004. and is the leading treatment for sore throat in Latvia.